Sunday, March 1, 2015

Blog Post #9

Hi everybody!

Welcome to the next blog post!  So this week I drew up a timeline for my World War 3 scenario.  It went to a front and a back of loose leaf and another front.   The timeline lists events from now until the war ends.  The book will not cover the entire war, but one of the more crucial parts of it, which is mainly in Russia.  I plan using the timeline to help lay out the events Keith partakes in and to show how these events fit into the to the overall picture.  Often throughout the book I will show Kieth hearing about fighting and battles in other areas of the world while he himself is fighting in the war.  The war itself will last three years.  This may seem short, but I am going to stress in the book that new technology causes the conflict to move along quickly but to also unfortunately cause a massive amount of destruction and loss of life to the fighting between the two sides.  What was fun about writing the timeline was that I got to plan out the campaigns and battles that are fought along with what countries participating.  When I read through it when it was done it was kind of like reading through history and watching the war progress and spreads.

By the next blog post I should have some more typing done.  See you all then!


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  1. I can't wait to read a rough draft of your story. I am a fan of these types of stories and I can wait to see how it turns out.