Sunday, February 22, 2015

20 Time #8

Hi everyone!

It feels good to be posting this blog.  I did spend a good amount of time over break working on my book.  The entire prologue and Chapter 1 have been typed up on my computer.  They have also gone through several changes.  The first being a did cut a good part out of the prologue.  It was information that I realized wasn't necessary to the plot of the book and it was information that could be easily explained as the book progressed.  Typing the book has also allowed me to edit and rearrange sentences in paragraphs into ways that seemed to work better.  I also was able to add detail to some areas to help better explain certain parts.  This actually helped to make them take up more pages than they would had I just left them as they were.  Another thing I have been doing recently is looking at some of the locations in the book using maps or Google Earth.  This helps me to visualize better what the scene may look like.  This way I can describe in better in my writing.

Here is the next piece piece of my writing I am going to post.  It is going to explain what the new U.S. government looks like and was taken directly from my writing.  Just as a warning it is quite a long description.

The Legislative Branch would be eliminated from the government. All power would be placed in the hands of the Executive Branch, specifically the president, the vice president, and the cabinet. The president would remain in office for life and would appoint his successor. There would be no elections in the federal government. To accommodate the new duties, the Cabinet of the president would be expanded to include new departments. The Supreme Court would remain in place, and it would have the responsibility to ensure that any member of the government including the president does not overstep his bounds and become tyrannical or corrupt. Any member of the government had to adhere to the beliefs of the Revolutionary Party in order to be appointed, and the formation of other political parties was deemed illegal. A similar structure was given to the states. There were no legislatures, and the governor and his staff would be responsible for the affairs of the state, but they would be directly elected by the people in order to maintain a form of democracy in the country. This new government did have the makings of a dictatorship, but it was created with the intention of being benevolent. The people had the same rights they were entitled to as before, and they were assured by President Thompson that the government was changed for the benefit of the people.

All see you all in the next blog!


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Blog Post #7

Hi everybody!

Their is not to much to report on this week for my project, but I am continuing work.  I do have one things I would like to share with you.  Henceforth I am going to start typing my book.  I said in earlier posts that I would begin to do this after I completed the beginning of the book and that for the most part has happened.  I wish though that this was something I had done from the very beginning of this project.  Physically handwriting the book has been very slow and I feel that I could have gotten more done if I had typed it.  Honestly though, it does not concern me too much, its just another lesson learned.
Typing will make it easier now to have all of my chapters in a place I can easily access them.   It also will allow me to edit as I go and add new things that I think need to be added.   I going to go back to the beginning of my writing and start retyping those drafts first.  The I will continue on with the next chapters.  I'm not going to post a little bit form the book with this post because their simply isn't a lot going on right now.  I need to catch up on the previous chapters first.

Midwinter break is next week and I am going to try my best to spend time working and writing.  I feel my project is in sure need of it.

See you in the next blog post.

Cameron :)