Sunday, January 25, 2015

20 Time #6

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Here we are at my sixth blog post for my project.  Not a huge amount of stuff to report on this week, just more research, brainstorming and writing but as I said in my last blog will be posting a little bit more about the events in the book.  This week I will provide a summary of the first shots of the war along with who will be involved.  However before I move on to that I want to say this.  This project has been a very fun and interesting experience so far, and I hope it continues that way.  One of the things I have been focusing on with this project is taking  my time with it.  I really don't want to rush this book to get it done.  I want to spend as much time as possible with it so that it will turn out good in the end.  Also, this will allow me to enjoy every minute of it,, because I have enjoyed writing and learning something new each time.

So now here is my little summary of the beginning of World War III.  This time it is not actually taken directly from my writing but the same information will be shared within the book in a different way.

A few years before the war began an alliance was formed between Russia, China, and Iran, all with some sort of authoritarian government.  What followed was a massive buildup of military strength, raising heavy concern amongst NATO and the United Nations.  In the weeks before America's 250th Independence Day, intelligence had reported large amounts of mobilized troops near these countries borders.  Fearing war, the United States set its forces on high alert along with its allies and demanded the demobilization of the alliance's troops.  July 5th is when they struck.  Russian forces moved into eastern Europe and the Caucasus region.  They also sent troops to support the Iranian army that was not as advanced as Russia or China in its invasions of Iraq and Turkey.  China occupied Mongolia and invaded the Korean peninsula currently united under democratic rule and launched amphibious invasions of Japan and Taiwan.  The US and its allies immediately declared war and begin prepping the armed forces for a counteroffensive.

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