Sunday, December 7, 2014

Blog Post #4


The book is taking shape.  The time since my last blog post has been mainly spent on brainstorming and laying out how the book will escalate but just recently I sat down and took some time to write.  The rough draft of the prologue is done and is about three pages long on loose leaf.  When I go to edit it I may add a little more in areas that I feel need more description. I also now have in place what the first few chapters will be about.  One of my biggest concerns so far going into this project is procrastination.  While I usually am one to get my work done as soon as possible, there are times when I have waited to finish things and let other distractions get in the way of my work.  What I'm hoping for is that this project will teach me how to prevent procrastination and be able to accomplish what I've set out to do.  Starting with the next blog I'm going to release little bits from the book, sometimes it could be a passage, and others times it may be just a summary of a chapter or just information about the book. I won't reveal anything critical to the plot but I am doing this in the  hope of getting some feedback on my writing. Next week i am going to provide a synopsis of our main character.  Nothing too long but it will basically provide his background information.  That's all I have for your now, I'll see you next time!



  1. Hey Cameron!
    I have read your blogs and am really looking forward to reading some of your book pieces. I have thought about maybe writing a book before, but I decided i wanted to go with journalism instead (I envy those with the creativity to write their own story). It sounds like you are a dedicated writer doing so much brainstorming over break. I am excited to see the parts you are willing to post and hopefully i will be able to give good feedback to you!

  2. Sup Cam! I really liked the prologue you wrote, and I can't wait to read more. Good luck with your book!