Saturday, November 22, 2014

Blog Post #3

Greetings everyone!

Work on my book continues.  I am still writing the draft of the prologue and i am pretty far on it. While I could write an entire separate book on the events preceding the war, I'm going to try to keep it as short as possible so I am able to move on to start on the primary chapter of the novel.  Like I said in my last blog, I'm going to write out the first drafts on paper and then switch to typing them.  Another thing i plan to do is to try and spend some time over the upcoming Thanksgiving break writing and brainstorming.  This way I can keep a solid lead on it and get through a large chunk of it.  Hopefully I'm not to busy relaxing from school.:)
See you next time!


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  1. yo this book sound dope and as a a fiction reader i would love this book. keep up the good work my man