Saturday, November 22, 2014

Blog Post #3

Greetings everyone!

Work on my book continues.  I am still writing the draft of the prologue and i am pretty far on it. While I could write an entire separate book on the events preceding the war, I'm going to try to keep it as short as possible so I am able to move on to start on the primary chapter of the novel.  Like I said in my last blog, I'm going to write out the first drafts on paper and then switch to typing them.  Another thing i plan to do is to try and spend some time over the upcoming Thanksgiving break writing and brainstorming.  This way I can keep a solid lead on it and get through a large chunk of it.  Hopefully I'm not to busy relaxing from school.:)
See you next time!


Friday, November 14, 2014

Blog Post #2

Greeting everyone!

I have now officially started writing the first draft for my book!  Although, I am not currently writing chapter one.  I want to write a prologue first that will explain the events leading up to the main plot of my novel, which, as you know from my first blog, is about World War 3.  It will first talk about events in America (the establishment of the dictatorship) and then will move on to discuss events around the world that will set off the conflict.  The first few chapters I am going to physically write on paper, and then if I feel like it, I may switch over to typing them on a computer so that I don't have to go digging through a huge pile of papers searching for a particular chapter.  I will keep you all posted in my next blog on how it is coming.

See you later!

Cam Schultz

Thursday, November 6, 2014

First 20 Time Project Blog Post

Hi everyone!

I am extremely excited to begin working on my 20 Time Project.  For this project, I am going to write a novel and hopefully, if i have the ability, may try to even get it published.  The book is going to take place around ten years in the future and will be set around a third world war. However, I will not be writing about a nuclear war as I feel that topic is a little overused and would not be as interesting as having the war be more conventional.  Another big part of the novel will also include the idea that the United States is now for all intents and purposes a dictatorship and has expanded to encompass almost all of North America.

One of the reasons I want to write a book is that I have a tremendous interest in history and the military.  A novel about a third world war fits perfectly into that category.  Because this is a subject I am passionate about, I don't think that I will have too many problems when trying to write.  Also,  I have always had an interest in writing a book, although have never really had the time(or the motivation) to do so.  With this opportunity in 20 Time, I could achieve that.  If I enjoy writing this book and I am successful in doing it, I may chose to be an author in the future as a career.

Again, I am very excited for this project and I hope that it will all turn out great in the end.

See you all later!